Cooling Power of Cryogenic Gases

Chilling Plant-based Foods and Meat Alternatives
From potato patties to soy sausages, we have the cryogenic cooling solutions to simplify mixing, enable exact portioning and forming, and preserve the structure, flavor and freshness of plant-based proteins
Chilling Solutions for Discerning Consumers

The rapid transformation of the food industry towards plant-based foods and substitutes for meat, poultry and fish is being driven not only by shifting consumer preferences but also by the huge and ongoing advances in the quality of alternative proteins. Our ACCU-CHILL® cryogenic chilling solutions can play a key role in enabling these quality strides.

The production process for new foods usually entails mixing plant-based proteins and fats with grains, nuts, thickeners, colorants, spices, flavorings and more. Pre-processing and inline chilling with ACCU-CHILL can help food producers gently and effectively mix these ingredients to achieve a homogenous product mass for downstream packaging or further processing steps. Chilling can prevent temperature and humidity from degrading delicate ingredients, and protect meltable ingredients or temperature-sensitive additions to the mix, for instance. It can also help preserve the structure of vegan and vegetarian mixes for improved appearance, freshness and flavor.

Our ACCU-CHILL solutions use liquid nitrogen (LIN) or liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) gases to quickly lower the temperature of alternative proteins, helping to improve productivity, simplify portioning accuracy, and inhibit bacterial growth.

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