Liquid Nitrogen for Non-Invasive Pipeline Freezing

Simplifying and Accelerating Pipe Maintenance with Freezing
You can avoid shutting down the entire system with our liquid nitrogen cooling solutions - they are designed to enable fast, effective maintenance and repair work on pipeline sections
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Freezing to Avoid Unnecessary Downtime

To perform installation or maintenance work on pipeline systems, it is often necessary to drain the entire pipe and shut the system down completely. Freezing part of the pipeline can be a much faster, more efficient option, eliminating the need to shut down the entire system. We supply liquid nitrogen (LIN) cooling solutions with the enabling equipment and support services to facilitate this type of non-invasive pipe freezing for fast, efficient maintenance work.

In this process, pipelines are temporarily blocked at certain points by freezing parts of the liquid in the system. A sleeve, adapted to the diameter of the pipeline, is tightly fixed to the pipe at the freezing point. The sleeve is then filled with liquid nitrogen (LIN). This leads to the formation of an ice plug, which seals the pipe off completely.

These non-invasive cryogenic solutions are suited to infrastructural pipeline systems containing water, acids, paints, oils, various chemicals, sewage, etc.

Benefits of Pipe Freezing
  • Elimination of delays involved in interrupting the entire pipeline system for drainage
  • Works with wide variety of fluids
  • Full service offering spanning consulting, process equipment, gas supply solution and process/gas monitoring services
  • Dedicated sleeves for different pipe dimensions

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