Lithography Gases for Electronics

Trusted Partner for Lithography Gases Used in Most Semiconductor Products
Major global laser, stepper and scanner manufacturers as well as many of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers rely on the highest quality of our laser gases and mixtures
Proven Track Record

For over twenty years, the excimer laser industry has relied on our lithography gases. They were used in the development of the earliest lasers for lithography and are now the most widely used excimer gases for DUV photolithography in the semiconductor industry.

Lasers in thousands of the world's wafer steppers and scanners use our state-of-the-art lithography gases and gas mixtures.

Our customers include major global laser, stepper and scanner manufacturers as well as many of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers. They know they can count on the highest quality laser gases coupled with our in-depth knowledge of critical gas technologies.

Our customers also benefit from the development of new technologies and innovations driven by our Centers of Excellence.  Key areas of expertise include:

  • Full spectrum - We lead the market for the manufacture and purification of all raw materials necessary for photolithography
  • Cylinder expertise - We have dedicated expertise based on our proprietary technologies for the handling and treatment of cylinders containing both inert and halogen (F2) gases
  • Mixing capabilities - We have pioneered highly specific mixing technologies to create multi-component mixtures that are completely homogeneous
  • Analytical technologies - We have developed proprietary analytical technologies that surpass industry norms. All SPECTRA® lithography cylinders are provided with a Certificate of Analysis
Rare Gas and Halogen Gas Mixtures for Excimer Lasers

We provide the gas mixtures required for the entire spectrum of excimer lasers used in electronics manufacturing.

  • XeCl at 308 nm
  • KrF at 248 nm
  • ArF at 193 nm

We also support many of the excimer lasers used in development and non-electronics applications.

Ultra-high-purity Carbon Dioxide for Immersion Lithography

Immersion lithography has greatly extended the feature shrink possible with 193 nm DUV steppers. Our ultra-high-purity (UHP) CO2 enables this process by displacing some of the nitrogen and other gases in the immersion water layer that may result in defect-causing bubbles. Our UHP CO2 is available in bulk in most geographies with optional on-site purification.

Bulk Hydrogen Solutions for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography

Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography is the next-generation technology advancing today’s leading-edge semiconductor designs. Large amounts of hydrogen are required to continuously clean the commercial light sources, which use liquid tin as a lasing medium. We provide a full portfolio of bulk and on-site H2 solutions to meet growing demand in this area.

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