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Ultra-pure Gases and Equipment for Electronics

Here at Linde, we know that requirements for gases and chemicals in the electronics industry are among the most stringent in the world. We are dedicated to finding innovative ways to support your processes by supplying gases and chemicals as safely and cost-effectively as possible.

Our goal is to ensure long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty by consistently providing products and services that exceed your quality expectations. Across all sectors of the electronics industry - from R&D labs to large-scale fabs - we have the answers to your individual process needs no matter where you're based.

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Gas Delivery Systems and Equipment

As a leading supplier of electronics gases, we have extensive experience in the design and installation of ultra-pure gas supply systems. Building on our in-depth understanding of gas properties, our proven designs provide high levels of efficiency, reliability and safety.

Our impressive project reference list spans hundreds of ultra-pure gas systems and distribution pipelines installed worldwide, including references for clean dry air (CDA) systems, nitrogen generators, bulk gas tanks, cylinder and bulk specialty gas systems, cryogenic and hazardous systems, as well as analyzers and purifiers.

Our gas systems and equipment expertise covers:

  • Bulk special gas systems (BSGS), including ultra-high-flow systems such as NH3 systems capable of 3,000 standard liters per minute (slpm) for the LED industry
  • Gas cabinets and panels
  • Gas distribution manifolds
  • Valve manifold boxes (VMB) and panels (VMP)
  • Blending systems (e.g. dopants and fluorine)
Broad Service Portfolio Dedicated to Electronics Industry

In addition, we offer expert engineering, project management, and on-site gas/chemical management services. Here we help you to minimize downtime and risks by putting safe and smooth process flows in place and by continuously sharing our detailed gas and chemical knowledge.

Our on-site service portfolio includes:

  • Turnkey design and engineering - from design through installation to commissioning
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Total materials (gas and chemicals) management
  • Optimization programs - focused on cost savings, process efficiency gains and risk management

Regardless of whether you operate Linde or third-party systems, or are tackling a greenfield, upgrade, expansion or retrofit project, you can turn to our experts to help you improve safety and uptime performance.

Availability of our products and services can vary from one location to another, so please contact us to see what is available in your region.

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