VOC Recovery with CIRRUS

Cryocondensation Solutions for VOC Abatement and Recovery in Chemical Production
Work with our expert team to see how you can prevent the release of volatile organic compounds with our CIRRUS® cryocondensation technology
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Improving Air Quality with CIRRUS

Increasingly strict air emission regulations challenge the refining industry to tighten control over the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Cryogenic condensation is a promising answer. It uses the cooling power of liquid nitrogen to condense the VOCs in a vent or process gas stream. The condensed VOCs can then be captured and either routed back to the process or further treated.

With 25 years of experience and hundreds of installations worldwide, we are a trusted supplier of proven VOC handling solutions. Learn more about our technology in the video below.

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Discover how our CIRRUS® cryocondensation technology can help you capture VOCs released by chemical production processes for re-use or further treatment

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