Gas-enabled Controlled Atmospheres for Stunning

Controlled Atmosphere Stunning in Meat and Poultry Plants
Improving animal welfare, processing conditions and meat quality in modern meat and poultry plants - with gas-enabled controlled atmosphere stunning solutions from Linde
Animal Welfare in Focus

The general interest in animal welfare is rising - as are demands for the quality of meat and poultry. Linde offers technical advice, expertise and gas supply solutions for your controlled atmosphere stunning (CAS) system.

CAS modifies the atmosphere to induce euthanasia conditions for animals. This effective technology provides a less stressful experience, contributing to improved animal welfare, better processing conditions and higher quality meat.

Benefits of CAS

  • Less stress to animals, no restraints required
  • Elimination of broken bones
  • Reduced vocalization
  • Improved and safer working environment
  • Better plucking results
  • Reduced fecal contamination (from use of anesthesia)
  • Easier animal handling
  • Elimination of hemorrhages, bruises and broken bones
  • Reduced meat bruising
  • Better bleed-out of arteries in the fillet, wing and thigh
  • Less animal stress during stunning process, reducing the likelihood of PSE (pale, soft, exudative) meat

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