CO2 Supply Solutions for Dry Ice Blasting

CRYOCLEAN Snow for Manual and Automated Workflows
CRYOCLEAN® Snow is an environmentally friendly and flexible cleaning system created specifically for manual and automated treatment of molded parts prior to painting or coating
How Does it Work?

CRYOCLEAN Snow is an innovative technology for cleaning and pre-treating surfaces using tiny dry ice particles. The dry ice particles are generated in special blasting nozzles by injecting and expanding carbon dioxide (CO2) in liquid form. By means of compressed air and de Laval nozzles, the particles are blasted towards the surface to be cleaned. The use of liquid carbon dioxide means that operators are not dependent on supplies and restocking of pre-produced dry ice pellets. This means that CRYOCLEAN Snow can be easily integrated into fully automated production processes.

We provide dedicated blasting hardware and a unique supply system to ensure a consistent, virtually bubble-free stream of high-pressure liquid carbon dioxide (LIC). Our offering can include our outstanding pneumatically driven PRESUS® C pressure booster.

Use Cases

CRYOCLEAN Snow is ideal for removing all sorts of contaminants, including

  • Grease and oil films, anti-corrosive agents
  • Dust or fingerprints
  • Smoke residue
  • Lubricants, release agents and blackwash
  • Limescale
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  • Dry, gentle process that is kind to surface structure
  • Environmentally friendly solution as there is no wastewater or chemical waste to dispose of
  • Ideal for manual or automatic cleaning of molded plastic parts prior to painting
  • Liquid carbon dioxide means operators are not reliant on supplies of dry ice pellets
  • Integration-friendly design for automated production and cleaning processes

So what’s next?

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