Gases for Powder Bed Fusion with Laser Beam

Gases, Supply Systems and Bespoke Gas Mixtures for PBF-LB
We specialize in high-quality gases for additive manufacturing - offering industrial and specialty gases plus bespoke blends for PBF-LB processes in the supply modes you need
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Gases and Supply Solutions You Can Rely on

Due to its chemically inert properties, argon is generally the preferred choice in PBF-LB chambers for 3D printing of metallic components. This "noble" gas protects even the most sensitive metallic alloys like titanium or nickel blends during the melting and solidification process.

However, bespoke gas blends tailored specifically to the metallurgical properties of the component being printed can offer performance gains. Our ADDvance® Laser230   blend, for example, offers proven benefits over pure argon when working with certain alloys for specific applications.

Looking beyond metallic 3D printing, we also offer nitrogen (N2) for PBF-LB chambers used to additively manufacture plastics. Our experts would be delighted to advise on the alignment of gas supply and management solutions with your individual needs.

Our delivery modes for PBF-LB scale from cylinder and bulk deliveries to our ECOVAR® on-site supply solutions, designed to the highest safety and quality standards and customizable to create an ideal match for your individual application, material and supply needs.

Various industrial gases might be stored in different forms and at different locations in your plant. With our gas management and digital control services and solutions, you can look forward to fully automated tracking and monitoring capabilities so you don’t have to worry about running out of gas in the middle of production.

The smart integration of your PBF-LB gas supply solution with other gas-enabled production steps in your metal fabrication process flow can save you money and conserve resources.  Speak with your local Linde gas expert to realize your optimum setup.

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