Rapid Freezing Power of Cryogenic Gases

Freezing Dairy Produce Rapidly Yet Gently for Improved Handling
Cryogenic freezing with our CRYOLNE® family of freezers is particularly beneficial for sensitive dairy products as they remove heat rapidly for greater processing efficiency
Greater Productivity with Cryogenic Freezing

Dairy products often require gentle handling and rapid processing to maintain quality. Multi-component prepared foods with dairy ingredients such as cream and ice cream, for instance, can have challenging temperature protocols and thus call for precise temperature control. The gentle action and rapid processing capabilities of our CRYOLINE freezers are particularly suited to sensitive dairy products as they remove heat quickly, enabling you to meet both food safety standards and consumer quality expectations.

In general, cryogenically frozen foods with dairy ingredients have a more desirable appearance and better moisture retention than food frozen with alternative methods. The hygienic, easy-maintenance design of our CRYOLINE freezers also reduces the risk of contamination. Our freezers use either liquid nitrogen (LIN) or liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) gas as the cryogen.

Our CRYOLINE family gives you a wide range of models to support just about all processing, throughput and footprint requirements. Tunnel or spiral freezers are particularly effective for hardening ice cream or stabilizing desserts prior to the addition of toppings, coatings or sauces. We also have CRYOLINE models suited to the rapid freezing of IQF (individually quick frozen) cheeses as toppings for pizza or cube servings. Other models are tailored to semi-liquid dairy products such as cream cheeses or decorative items such as butter roses. Our CRYOLINE family also includes immersion and cabinet freezer models ideally suited to different dairy products.

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