Gas Supply and Technologies for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry

Helping you Control the Process for More Reliable Outcomes
Supporting API and Biotech Production with Gas-enabled Innovations
Linde provides critical gases and cryogens that sustain daily operations for our pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers. Our advanced application expertise in gas-liquid mixing and temperature control engineering can help you achieve process reproducibility, drug uniformity, product quality and cost savings. So whether you’re tasked with drug discovery, process development, manufacturing, quality control, cell preservation or some other workflow within the industry, our broad gas portfolio (GMP and non-GMP), application innovations and supply/distribution solutions will help you control your process so you can focus on finding the cure.
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Freeze Drying

Improving controllability of lyophilization processes, especially with valuable biologicals-thanks to our state-of-the-art cryogenic applications
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VOC Emission Control with CIRRUS®

Reduce your environmental footprint with cryogenic removal and recovery of volatile organic compounds using liquid nitrogen
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Reactor Cooling with CUMULUS®

Precise temperature control to improve the safety and selectivity of pharmaceutical reactions using liquid nitrogen
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Inert Charging

Safe charging of bulk solids by limiting oxygen and moisture contamination with N2LOCK® sluices using a nitrogen curtain
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Inerting, Sparging, Purging, Pressure Transfer

Improve reaction safety and quality in pharmaceutical production with inert gases to protect chemical storage and API reactions
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