Modified Atmosphere Gases and Mixtures

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Plant-based Foods and Meat Alternatives
Natural way to preserve the texture, freshness and shelf life of plant-based substitutes for meat, poultry and fish - with food-grade MAPAX® gases and gas mixtures from Linde
Meeting the Needs of Nutrition-Conscious Consumers

Studies show that the main criteria for consumers interested in buying plant-based food are first and foremost taste, but also clear labeling and transparent health and nutrition claims. Food-grade MAPAX gases and gas mixtures from Linde can help to meet these consumer demands.

Multi-ingredient vegan and vegetarian blended foods are particularly perishable due to their high moisture content and a pH value close to neutral. The rate of quality deterioration depends on the ingredients and the manufacturing process and therefore varies considerably from one product to another.

Based on our wide portfolio of food-grade gases, we have developed a range of MAPAX solutions targeted specifically at the highly diverse needs of multi-ingredient new foods replacing conventional meat, poultry and fish. These mixtures have been carefully created to best inhibit deterioration and bacterial growth and maintain the quality of blended mixtures.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) can extend the shelf life of alternatives to animal protein without altering physical or chemical properties or adding any unnatural ingredients. It is a natural method that is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide. In many cases, it can also complement alternative preservation methods.

Our MAPAX modified atmospheres for vegan and vegetarian meat substitutes can help you to:

  • Increase sales by satisfying growing demand for fresh and naturally preserved products
  • Extend shelf life without chemicals or freezing
  • Increase shelf life in the distribution chain by days or even weeks
  • Retain taste, texture and appearance
  • Enhance production and distribution efficiency
  • Reduce food waste

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