Cooling Power of Cryogenic Gases

Chilling Dry Foods & Snacks to Avoid Deterioration
Avoid oxidation, rancidity and clumping with precise temperature control during product storage, handling and mixing with our ACCU-CHILL® product line
Keeping Goods Dry and at the Right Temperature

Dry and dehydrated foods can still be prone to spoilage due to their unsaturated fat content - which can vary from one product to another. Coffee and cocoa, for instance, will spoil at a different rate to tea or spices. Similarly, products such as dried fruit, powdered milk, nuts and beans will all have different handling requirements. And in a bakery, dry ingredients such as flour, sweetener and yeast/leavening can be prone to clumping prior to blending or mixing.

Temperature control with our ACCU-CHILL chilling solutions can overcome this challenge, keeping ingredients dry and at the right temperature to avoid rancidity and spoilage during storage and distribution around a bakery or processing plant. In the case of herbs/spices and fine foods, cryogrinding can be particularly beneficial. It enables the product to be ground without loss of volatile oils and flavors, thus preserving and enhancing quality. We also offer a dedicated closed-loop temperature control system for dry foods and snacks. It has the added advantage of pest and fumigation control in storage silos as it blankets storage containers with a high concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2).

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Discover how chilling with cryogenic gases can help prevent spoilage and rancidity in dry goods and snacks
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