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Helping Chemical Companies Across the Full Value Chain to Lower Costs, Improve Productivity and Meet Environmental Targets
It’s not just about the chemicals - it’s about the reaction; the way different elements and forces work together to create something new and innovative. At Linde, this mindset inspires how we support the chemical companies we serve. We don’t just sell gases to you, we work with you to develop new ways to improve your processes, meet your environmental goals and lower your production costs. We have the expertise and experience to develop, implement and operate highly reliable and efficient supply systems. And we provide a comprehensive portfolio of industrial gases, services, and application technologies - all geared to helping you advance the production of your chemicals.
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Process Intensification

See how oxygen enrichment applications can boost production across diverse chemical processing units including Claus and SAR plants
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Primary Syngas Production

Discover the benefits of our innovative hot oxygen burner technology to enhance syngas production and reforming
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Industrial Service Solutions

Let us support your turnaround projects and temporary gas supply needs, including purging, cleaning, pigging, cooling, plus pressure and leak testing
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Emission Abatement and Control

Check out our comprehensive portfolio of applications to treat water, plus VOC and NOx emissions from chemical production facilities
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Discover how process gases can positively impact your chemical production process flow

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