Rare Gases: Xenon

Xenon Gas Purities and Mixtures to Fit Your High-Tech Specifications
Discover how one of the most rare natural gas components in our atmosphere is innovating countless applications in industries such as electronics, lighting, aerospace and healthcare
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Security of Supply for High-tech Applications

The extremely rare gas xenon (Xe) only accounts for 0.000009% of air (less than 100 ppb). This noble gas is thus one of the rarest natural gas components in our atmosphere. It is only used where lighter noble gases are not effective.

The growing need for data storage and transfer capabilities across consumer devices, enterprise and industrial systems and medical appliances is driving global demand for this rare gas. Similar to krypton, xenon is used in critical production steps to produce 3D NAND memory chips.


Its unique physical and chemical properties make it an ideal fit for various high-tech applications. For example, xenon is deployed by the aerospace industry for ion thrust propulsion, a technology that utilizes ion beams to propel satellites. Put simply, an ion beam is generated by initially ionizing xenon and then using an electrical or magnetic field to accelerate the ions.

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Our Offering

Several enrichment stages and large air separation plants are required to produce xenon. We offer compressed xenon gas in a variety of purities, starting with a minimum rate of 99.999% (5.0). Based on your unique specification, we can provide not only pure xenon but also ppb, ppm and %-level mixtures.

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