Food-grade Gases and Application Technologies for Quality and Freshness

Innovation-Driven Food Processing
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Delivering the Technologies to Meet Rising Consumer Demands for Food Quality and Freshness
Food-grade industrial gases are an effective and natural way of meeting rising consumer demands for quality, variety and freshness. Increasingly, consumers are looking for convenient, home-inspired foods and beverages made without conventional preservation techniques. Changing demographics and increased nutritional awareness are also fueling interest in all sorts of new healthy, plant-based foods.

We have been working closely with the food industry for decades, developing and delivering smart solutions that support greater productivity while maintaining tight control over food quality and security.

In addition to our range of gases, we also provide a variety of tailor-made modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) solutions that extend shelf life safely, and cryogenic freezing and chilling systems that offer accelerated freezing times.
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Meat & Poultry

Discover how food-grade gases and application technologies enhance the chilling, freezing, packaging and distribution of various meat and poultry products
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See how our food-grade gases and applications are setting the standards for quality in fish and seafood with chilling, freezing, packaging and distribution innovations
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Prepared Foods

Find out how we are meeting growing market demand for home-inspired convenience and prepared foods with gas-enabled application technologies
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Plant-based Foods

Dive into the rapidly expanding market for plant-based meat substitutes and see how gases from Linde are extending the reach and uptake of these new foods
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Fruit & Vegetables

Keep your sensitive fruits and vegetables fresh and tasty with gases and application technologies for chilling, freezing, packaging and distribution
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Maintain the quality, taste and texture of baked goods and confectionery with food-grade gases and smart process technologies from Linde

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