Multi-site Rare Gas Production, Blending and Purification Facilities

Expanding and Synergizing Rare Gas Production in Europe, US and Asia 

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Enabling Emerging Applications

Neon (Ne), krypton (Kr) and xenon (Xe), the rare or noble gases, are only present in the air in trace amounts. Air contains just 0.0018% neon, 0.00011% krypton and 0.000009% xenon. Despite the complex and costly production process, demand for these rare gases is rising rapidly since numerous industries - ranging from electronics through lighting to aerospace - are increasingly relying on the benefits of noble gases to drive innovation.

Similar to oxygen and nitrogen, rare gases are also extracted from air using cryogenic separation and purification technologies that utilize the different physical properties of the individual components.

We are helping to drive the digital transformation by expanding our production capacity for the rare gases required by the electronics and space industries for the fabrication of semiconductors and satellites essential for high-speed data transmission.

Most recently, we expanded our Leuna industrial gases complex with one of the world’s largest, most sophisticated rare gas facilities. The investment complements existing rare gases facilities producing krypton, xenon and neon. The aim is to meet rising demand for these gases from industries such as electronics, lighting, aerospace and healthcare.

Clustering our rare - or noble - gas production capabilities, this new site contributes to security of supply by incorporating new separation and purification stages. This means that ultra-high-purity gases can now be centrally produced and filled to satisfy our customers worldwide. The new facility benefits both from our vast and proven operational experience at Leuna as well as from the excellent position of Leuna as a central hub in Europe.

Security of Supply

Here at Linde, we are committed to investing in multi-site rare gas production, blending and purification facilities of the highest standards to bring long-term and secure supplies to our customers worldwide. Through this diversified, customer-centric production and sourcing strategy, we are thus ideally equipped to meet rising demand for these gases. On the one hand, we develop innovative plant concepts for our customers, designed to boost the capture of rare gases from secondary streams in major air separation plants.

On the other, we invest in multi-site rare gas production, blending and purification facilities to provide long-term security of supply for our customers worldwide. In fact, we are the only rare gases provider with a robust supply chain combining local internal production with a network of regional and global production hubs, proven expertise in cryogenic production and purification technology, proprietary IP for the blending and analysis of special gas mixtures (for laser applications, for instance) plus rigorous in-house quality control capabilities. Regardless of the challenge, we deliver the right grades for the right applications.

Offering at a Glance

  • Neon, krypton and xenon - air separation units, purification, blending and mixing
  • Xenon and neon recovery - on-site recovery and off-site reclamation, purification and analysis
  • Complete portfolio of laser gases for electronics and medical applications - ArF, KrF, Kr/Ne, Ar/Xe/Ne, H2/Ne, HCl/H2/Ne and BCl3/Ne mixes

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