Supply Modes: On-Site Plants for N2, O2, H2 and Syngas

Scaling with Your Business
As your needs rise, you may find that an on-site production method of delivery is a more flexible and cost-effective fit for your volume and availability needs

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Benefits of Standardization

Our ECOVAR® supply systems are built around standardized, state-of-the-art components and compact dimensions to cut the cost and complexity involved in engineering, fabrication, installing, operating and maintaining on-site gas supply systems.

By combining a production plant with a backup unit, the ECOVAR concept combines high levels of reliability with economical operations thanks to low consumption of utilities such as energy and water and the avoidance of bulk liquid delivery runs. ECOVAR systems can produce nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.

These on-site plants are built, owned and operated by Linde under a gas supply agreement - so you do not have to worry about capital expenditure and are free to focus on your core business.

Variable by Design

Our ECOVAR portfolio is extremely flexible. Systems and system modules can be combined as required to create tailored solutions that suit local requirements.

ECOVAR systems can be designed for indoor or outdoor installation to fit available space and the availability of utilities (energy, water and compressed air). For rapid, trouble-free deployment, they are generally mounted in cabinets, on skids or in containers. This means they can also be easily relocated.

Reliability Built In

ECOVAR systems comprise a standard plant and a backup unit geared towards uninterrupted supply-all year round.

Automatic control systems track fluctuations in demand, automatically activating the backup unit to support production peaks. The backup unit can also be activated in the event of an interruption to operations. Both the production plant and backup unit are normally monitored by the nearest Linde Gas Center for reliability of supply.

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Time for the Heavyweights?

Customers who need a steady, reliable, ultra-high stream of oxygen, nitrogen and/or argon sometimes prefer to have their own air separation unit (ASU) built on site instead of relying on bulk or pipeline deliveries. These air separation plants then generate the gases you need - on demand.

Having already engineered and delivered more than 1000 ASUs in 90-plus countries, we are one of the largest and most experienced suppliers in the world. Our execution expertise covers the full technology, engineering, procurement and construction lifecycle. Currently, our ASU process innovations are protected by over 356 patents. We also operate over 550 of our own ASUs, channeling this experience into the ongoing optimization of our process technologies.

Reflecting the highly individual nature of needs in this area, our plants scale from containerized and modularized ASUs to custom-engineered turnkey plants, producing anything from a few hundred tons per day (tpd) to 5,500 tpd. Purity levels also range from low to ultra-high to meet application-specific requirements.

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Build, Own, Operate - Full Lifecycle Expertise for HyCO

Customers who require hydrogen, carbon monoxide (HyCO) or mixtures of these two gases (synthesis gas or syngas) can also rely on our engineering and construction expertise. We are the only company worldwide that designs, owns and operates hydrogen and synthesis gas plants built with our own proprietary technologies. We channel this hands-on operational experience into our HyCO plant engineering and construction services.

Our extensive know-how and experience in the planning, design and engineering of HyCO plants extends from studies to turnkey execution. We also support capacity expansions.


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