Gases and Application Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment

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Innovative Solutions for the Water Treatment Industry
Water is essential for all life forms, yet access to clean, safe water is becoming increasingly difficult in many parts of the world. All water used by humans and industry must be treated to increasingly tight regulatory standards before it can be safely reused or returned to the natural environment. 

For decades, Linde has been working with Water Treatment plant operators and stakeholders worldwide to design and commission applications for gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and ozone in water and wastewater treatment processes. Our innovative and pioneering solutions help operators to cost-effectively meet challenges such as pH control, substitution of acids, permanent and seasonal capacity increases. Linde’s gas-dissolution equipment maximizes dissolution efficiency and minimize power costs. 
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Oxygen Instead of Air

The use of pure oxygen (O2) is more effective than air in applications that require high capacity or high levels of dissolved oxygen. 

Neutralization and Remineralization with CO2

When dissolved in water, carbon dioxide (CO2) forms carbonic acid.  Neutralization with CO2 is often less expensive than with other acids, and safer:  pH changes with CO2 are nearly linear at basic pH, which facilitate precise pH control. Under atmospheric pressure, the minimum pH level achieved with CO2 is around 6.5-7.0.   Even with variable raw water characteristics, the pH can thus be easily and precisely adjusted without the danger of acidification. The application of CO2 and lime is required as the final stage after desalination before water can be distributed in the municipal network to the consumer.

Pure Oxygen for Ozone Generation

Modern ozone applications typically see a lower lifecycle cost when oxygen is used as the feed gas instead of air.  O2-based ozone generation offers substantial power and capital savings compared to air.

Services and Customer Support

We support our customers at every stage of the solution lifecycle - from the initial assessment through application technology deployment to installation of a tailored gas supply system, always aligning our solutions with concrete operational challenges.

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