Gases and Application Technologies for Dry Foods & Snacks

Getting a Handle on Dry Goods & Snacks - With Our Chilling and Inerting Solutions

Protecting Sensitive Ingredients and Dry Goods

The dried foods and snacks market is booming - driven by the extended shelf life and much-valued convenience these products offer. Even after drying, however, foods such as cocoa products, crisps or potato chips, peanuts, coffee and spices, powdered milk and instant mashed potato contain unsaturated fats. This makes these products sensitive to oxidation and rancidity. Replacing the air around these products during storage and handling with an inert atmosphere can inhibit deterioration. And once your products are ready to ship, our modified atmosphere packaging technologies both simplify packaging and extend shelf life. We offer tailored gas mixtures for everything from tea and coffee to powdered foods and nuts.

Chilling also plays a key role in the storage and processing of dry foodstuffs. Ingredients such as flour, sweetener and yeast often benefit from chilling prior to mixing. Our ACCU-CHILL® cooling solutions are designed to give you precise and continuous temperature control during both ingredient storage and blending.

Tracking quality right back to the source, we also offer environmentally friendly post-harvest fumigation solutions to protect your crop against pests and diseases.

Please note that all fumigants are subject to local regulatory approval. Hence availability may vary from one region to another. Please contact your local Linde representative for details on availability in your region.

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