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Here at Linde, we combine ease of service with conveniently packaged gas products and complementary accessories to bring the gases and attachments you need right to your point of service or event venue. You can rely on our expert team to give a little lift to any occasion.
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Ease of Service plus Convenient Packages

Al fresco dining and drinking is growing in popularity, with patio heaters and barbecues giving pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants a convenient, appealing way to make better use of their outdoor space in the cooler months.

Looking beyond heating and cooking, gases have a wide range of other uses in the leisure and hospitality industry. They are perhaps most commonly associated with the carbonation of soft drinks and beers. And helium balloons are guaranteed to give an extra lift to any party or corporate event.

Whether you are looking to carbonate drinks, inflate balloons, host a BBQ or keep customers warm while they relax in your beer garden, we can help. We offer a wide range of top-class products that are the perfect addition to any outdoor event or occasion. A wide selection of cylinder sizes and accessories ensures the perfect fit for your convenience and portability needs.

And to make doing business with us even easier, our expertly trained customer service team offers practical guidance and extensive safety information, backed by flexible delivery and collection options in certain regions.

If you are in the hospitality business, we can advise on the dispense option best suited to your needs, scale this as your business grows, and ensure you benefit from the latest technologies. In addition to food-grade carbon dioxide and equipment, we offer a wide range of regular and portable cylinder sizes, visually appealing packages, guaranteed purity levels, flexible delivery services and installation assistance.

Check with your local Linde Gas outlet to see what services and products are available in your region.

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