Rare Gases: Krypton

Krypton Gas in the Purities and Component Mixtures you Need
Discover how krypton can improve the energy balance in modern buildings, increase the effectiveness of satellite engines, improve lighting efficiency, and meet growing demand for semiconductors
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Krypton (Kr) is growing in popularity across an expanding range of innovative applications. It acts as a highly efficient propellant in constellation satellites used for data transfer. Similar to xenon, it is also enabling many new use cases in the energy efficiency drive. The car industry, for example, offers headlights that work with krypton, resulting in greater lighting efficiency and  windows filled with kypton gas reduce the heat transfer and improve the energy efficiency.


Looking towards the electronics industry, krypton is required to manufacture the latest generation of flash memory chips. It is used in annealing, etching and lithography applications. For example, in physical vapor deposition (PVD), the weight advantages of this rare gas enable thin metallic surface films on materials. This application is not only used to coat semiconductor devices, but also glass used both in windows and sunglasses.

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Our Offering

We offer compressed krypton gas in a variety of purities. The standard purity is 5.0 (i.e. 99.999%), but lower and higher purities are available to meet application-specific needs. We also produce a broad range of binary and multi-component mixtures with component ranges from ppm and ppb up to 99% krypton based on your specification. We prepare krypton mixtures in combination with other noble gases, halogen gases, as well as flammable and toxic compounds.


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