Carbon Dioxide for pH Regulation

Effective Water Treatment for Construction Sites
Our SOLVOCARB® pH control solution uses carbon dioxide to precisely regulate the pH of wastewater from construction sites, mining operations and ready-mix concrete plants
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Meeting Rising Regulatory Pressures

Construction sites, ready-mix concrete plants and mining operations produce large volumes of alkaline wastewater. Increasingly strict environmental controls precisely regulate the pH of this wastewater before it can be discharged into receiving channels or sewerage systems.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an effective way to control pH and reduce reliance on harmful chemicals. When dissolved in water, carbon dioxide forms carbonic acid, an effective neutralization agent with the key advantage of an almost flat neutralization curve.

Our SOLVOCARB® pH control solution leverages these benefits, giving you an easy and precise way to adjust the desired pH value even if the raw water parameters are subject to fluctuations - without having to worry about over-acidification. It thus combines simplified dosing with a smaller environmental footprint.

Benefits of SOLVOCARB
  • All-in-one SOLVOCARB gas management solution including metering and dissolving systems, dosing units, and CO2 supply package (tank, bundles, connection kit)
  • Tight control over water quality and pH value
  • Highly effective solution designed for ease of handling
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Fewer chemicals required

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