Service and Support in Additive Manufacturing

Bundling our vast application know-how and experience across the AM value chain to help you fine-tune your process flow
Tap into the expertise of our global development centers with their cutting-edge consulting, R&D, test, control and monitoring capabilities spanning the entire AM value chain
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Key to Quality: Gases from Linde

As with all manufacturing processes, the quality of the end product greatly depends on the properties of the base material and the precision of the machinery. Process gases also play a vital role in additive manufacturing outcomes and are involved in every step of the AM fabrication chain. Our expertise spans the entire AM value chain - from metal powder production and handling through 3D printing (based on metal powder in particular) to post-production processing .

Our industrial and specialty gases, bespoke gas mixtures, innovative application technologies, groundbreaking control and monitoring equipment and gas supply solutions are giving customers new-found freedom of design for lightweight 3D-printed parts offering greater structural stability and sophisticated surface textures.

Supporting our Customers with Testing, Research & Development

We are positioned at the forefront of research and development in AM, working together with industrial users, powder producers, equipment manufacturers and research institutes to improve industrial AM performance in quality-critical industries such as automotive, medical and aviation.

Working closely with you, our global development centers for additive manufacturing use cutting-edge technologies coupled with state-of-the-art control and monitoring equipment to test your process parameters, help you optimize your process flow and develop a solution tailored to the needs of your operations.


With Linde at your side, your AM processes can benefit from the following:
  • A comprehensive range of industrial and specialty gases as well as bespoke gas mixtures
  • Dedicated insights into widely deployed methods such as powder atomization along with complementary powder storage solutions
  • High-purity gases produced at ISO 9002-accredited facilities
  • Technical support specific to powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing applications
  • Dedicated support for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and customers
  • Optimum process efficiency through dedicated and precise gas control equipment
  • Extensive range of supply options tailored to customer requirements
  • Efficient supply schemes, helping to reduce the processing cost of products
  • 24-hour gas ordering services in many regions
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