Supply Modes: Bulk Deliveries

When Big is Best
Supplying large volumes of gas through bulk deliveries, where cryogenic liquids or high-pressure gas is transferred into storage tanks on your site
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Compact Storage for High Volumes

In liquid form, gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen* and carbon dioxide take up a lot less storage space than gaseous mode. So if you require high volumes of these gases, it may be advisable to opt for liquid bulk supplies.

Our dedicated fleet of cryogenic tankers then delivers the liquid gas and transfers it to vacuum-insulated bulk storage vessels on your site. In many cases, we also own and maintain these tanks so you do not need to invest in and manage gas supply assets. The stored liquid is controlled at the required pressure by means of an automated regulation system.

*Bulk hydrogen is normally delivered in high-pressure gas tube trailers. The gas is supplied to permanent storage cylinders by means of direct pressure transfer or our trailer is used as the on-site storage solution.

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Liquid or Gaseous Phase

This liquid gas can then be delivered directly from the storage vessel to your application through a cryogenic vacuum-insulated pipeline. If you require gaseous form, the liquid is vaporized and delivered as a gas along your supply pipe. Our experts can advise on the size and type of storage vessel and the vaporization technology best suited to your individual requirements.

Your storage vessels and high-pressure gas tube trailers can be fitted with telemetry systems to provide real-time remote monitoring of stock levels. Automatic alerts and replenishment can then help you ensure uninterrupted gas supplies.

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