Gases and Application Technologies for Copper

Advancing Sustainability in Copper Production

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Advanced Combustion Technologies and Oxygen Solutions for Primary and Secondary Producers

The copper industry is evolving as it faces growing pressure to improve its sustainability credentials, particularly in response to the global trends of recycling, carbon abatement and environmental awareness.

Our advanced oxygen technologies and combustion solutions deliver significant improvements to both primary and secondary copper production processes.

These gas-enabled solutions help reduce fuel consumption and enhance process control, resulting in increased productivity and reduced emissions. We are committed to finding sustainable and energy-efficient solutions that meet your specific needs while advancing the copper industry’s environmental performance.

Enhancing Primary Production Processes

Our oxyfuel technologies enhance the copper production process, delivering superior control over combustion. Our solutions are tailored to the requirements of primary copper producers using flash smelters, converters and anode furnaces. Moreover, our dedicated team of professionals can offer custom-engineered solutions designed for the highest efficiency and productivity levels while reducing environmental impact.

Less Waste and Greater Efficiency in Secondary Processing

We offer specialized combustion and oxyfuel technologies for enhanced fuel utilization in copper pyrometallurgical recovery to strike the optimal oxygen balance for melting and refining copper scrap efficiently.

Using gas injection for reduction, or poling, can often pose an engineering challenge for copper scrap melting refinement. However, our specialized solutions, including our COJET® technology, are designed for the efficient injection of fuel, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen or a mix of these gases to give you greater process control. Our copper scrap melting technologies can help you achieve the highest grades of purity along with the highest levels of operational efficiency in copper recycling.

In many cases, our solutions provide a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional copper scrap refining. Our experts can also draw on their deep process knowledge to advise you on the setup best suited to your needs.

State-of-the-art Burner and Injection Technology

Our solutions address the engineering challenges facing copper producers today. We provide specialized burners and advanced COJET gas injection systems that delivers a coherent jet of oxygen. COJET can be adapted to different gas blends, hydrogen and oxygen for effective copper pyrometallurgical recovery. We also provide unique enhancement solutions for different smelters for copper production and refining with tuyeres, porous plugs and other lance solutions.

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