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Reliability Matters - Contributing to Your Operational Efficiency
We complement our various supply modes with a range of gas management, automation and digitalization services to help you get the most out of your gas supply
Gas Management Made Easy

We offer a wide portfolio of gas management and automation services geared towards continuity of supply and process optimization. These services are designed to free you up so you can focus on your core business without having to worry about managing and handling gases.

Especially if your operations depend on a predictable, steady and timely supply of industrial gases in the volumes and purities you need, then our gas management services can help you increase efficiencies by relieving you of tedious administrative and handling tasks.


  • ACCURA® gas cylinder management
    This innovative, cloud-based management solution for gas cylinders is easy to use and secure. It equips you with the tools and insights you need to track and manage Linde cylinders at your facilities and optimize your holdings.
  • ACCURA bulk tank management
    With this Internet-based tank tracking service, you have all of the information you need to take complete control of Linde liquid gas tanks at your facilities. You can view and analyze gas consumption levels online from anywhere.
  • DIGIGAS® smart gas cylinders / SECCURA® automatic gas supply for cylinders
    Digitalize your inventory to take ease of management to the next level. We can relieve you of tedious cylinder management activities like monitoring gas levels, ordering gas, managing on-site transport and changing cylinders - so you can enjoy non-stop availability of the gases you need.
  • SECCURA automatic gas supply for tanks
    You no longer have to monitor the gas level, order gas or manage the delivery - we ensure continuity of supply and provide online information about your gas usage.
  • Emergency services
    Since no delivery plan can cover all eventualities, our regional express and emergency delivery teams may be able to help if you run into unforeseen peaks or changes in demand.
  • LIPROTECT® services for quality and safety
    Benefit from our extensive consulting and product stewardship offering spanning safety inspections, audits, safety seminars and training, hazard safeguards and general maintenance services.
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Security of Supply

To facilitate security of supply, we manufacture and obtain our products from multiple sources and locations. This means we are better positioned to deliver your orders - from oxygen to helium and from chemicals to refrigerants - regardless of local bottlenecks.

Our multi-sourcing policy is further supported by multiple bulk breaking and blending facilities globally. These sites offer bulk storage facilities for major products as well as stocks for distribution throughout our networks.

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