Gas Supply Solutions for Extrusion Foaming

PLASTINUM Extrusion Foaming with CO2
Maximize the benefits of carbon dioxide for extrusion foaming - with state-of-the-art extrusion foaming technologies from Linde
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Precision Matters

Our PLASTINUM® Extrusion Foaming portfolio was designed to enable liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) to be precisely metered into plastics extruders. A constant mass flow of carbon dioxide (CO2) is crucial for uniform, predictable foaming results. Based on our long-standing knowledge and experience in this field, we offer a one-stop solution extending from an LIC bulk tank to a DSD high-pressure metering unit. If you already have a metering pump in place, we offer a state-of-the-art solution to supply liquid CO2 that is virtually bubble-free at a defined pressure.

End-to-End Offering

Our PLASTINUM Extrusion Foaming solution comprises a tailored LIC storage and supply system, a pressure boosting unit and a high-pressure flow metering system. At the first stage, our PRESUS® C pump system increases the LIC pressure and delivers virtually bubble-free LIC. In the second stage, our proven DSD 400 or DSD 500 high-pressure metering unit supplies a stable mass flow of LIC into the extruder, irrespective of pressure fluctuations in the extruder.

Graphic CO2 supply and metering concept for extrusion foaming, consisting of a PRESUS C LCO2 compressor station and a DSD 500 high-pressure metering unit.
  • Single-source, end-to-end solution
    • No need to integrate several items of equipment from different suppliers
    • Reduced risk of ill-defined interfaces and delivery restriction
  • Highly reliable equipment, proven at many reference customers all over the world
  • Very precise metering performance - irrespective of ambient temperature and climate
  • Easy and cost-effective installation

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