Atmospheric Gases: Oxygen

Compressed oxygen gas and liquid oxygen in everything from low to ultra-high purity
Bringing the combustion-sustaining, oxidizing and life-supporting properties of oxygen to countless applications through our reliable, flexible supply network
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Supporting Everything from Welding to Respiratory Therapy

Oxygen (O2) is a colorless and odorless gas, typically obtained through the liquefaction and distillation of ambient air at air separation plants. A second purification process will create ultra-high purity levels. High-purity oxygen can also be produced through the electrolysis of water. Membrane techniques are suited to lower-purity requirements.

Oxygen is used across a vast spectrum of applications. Its life-supporting properties make it essential in hospital, clinical and therapeutic care. It also intensifies combustion, making it an invaluable fuel gas in iron and steel, non-ferrous, welding, glass and concrete industries. Due to its oxidizing properties, it is also popular in the chemical industry, where pure oxygen increases the efficiency of oxidation reactions, for instance. High-purity oxygen is used in laboratories, process control, gas-cooled nuclear reactors, metal analysis instruments, and in semiconductor and optical fiber production.

Other less-known applications include the treatment of waste water and sewage, the oxygenation of water in aquaculture and the creation of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) mixtures for food preservation.

Through our reliable, comprehensive supply network, we deliver compressed oxygen gas or liquid oxygen at various concentrations in different-sized cylinders for smaller or more specialized applications, complementing this with bulk deliveries or on-site air separation plants for higher-volume users.

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