Liquid Nitrogen for Concrete Cooling

Increasing Process Efficiency with Cryogenic Gas
Our customized, all-inclusive liquid nitrogen (LIN) cooling solutions for concrete can help you master fluctuations in cooling requirements and keep concrete at an optimum temperature
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Managing Variations in Cooling Needs

Concrete cooling requirements can vary significantly from one project to another. They are also affected by external factors such as fluctuations in temperature and climate. Ready-mix concrete producers often need an effective cooling or booster solution so they can comply with defined concrete pouring temperatures for work on bridges, tunnels, foundations and similar works.

Liquid nitrogen (LIN) is a flexible, efficient way to keep concrete at an optimum temperature. We offer different cooling methods depending on whether you want precise temperature control over freshly mixed concrete directly or your concrete components (feed water, aggregates, cement). LIN is also an extremely flexible booster solution to bridge short-term changes in demand. We have gained extensive experience across numerous international projects in this area, providing LIN solutions for concrete cooling projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.

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Highlights of Concrete Cooling with Gases from Linde
  • High flexibility - cooling power and method can be individually selected
  • Customized solutions from a single source (LIN supply scheme, lance, metering and control equipment)
  • Consulting services based on extensive hands-on experience
  • Cost-efficient
  • Precise process control for reduced operational risk
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