CO2 Supply Solutions for Dry Ice Blasting with Pellets

CRYOCLEAN Pellets for Fast, Effective Results
Dry-ice pellet blasting is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for molded parts and hard-to-clean molds, extrusion dies, ovens and mixers
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How Does it Work?

CRYOCLEAN® Pellets entail accelerating 3 mm dry-ice pellets in a pressurized air stream and propelling them towards a surface at extremely high speeds in order to clean it. Dry-ice pellets are quite soft, and much less dense than other media used in blast-cleaning (i.e. sand, glass or plastic pellets). On impact, the pellets sublimate almost immediately, transferring minimal kinetic energy to the surface and producing minimal abrasion.

The sublimation process absorbs a large volume of heat from the surface, producing shear stresses due to thermal shock. The rapid change in state from solid to gas also causes microscopic shock waves, which are also thought to assist in removing the contaminants.

As one of the leading dry ice suppliers, we provide one-stop solutions for just about all your gas supply and delivery needs.

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  • Less downtime as molds can be cleaned in situ
  • No moisture so no need for drying
  • Bacteriostatic method, which means cleaning mechanism is accompanied by sterilization process
  • No secondary contaminants that need to be removed (as is often the case with water- and solvent-based processes)

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