Gases and Application Technologies for Precise Temperature Control

Helping You to Maintain and Optimize the Quality, Taste and Texture of Baked Goods

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Raising Quality and Overall Efficiency of Bakery Operations

From bread and bagels through cakes and cookies to pastries and pies, the bakery sector presents a highly diverse set of storage, processing and handling challenges.

Temperature control is gaining importance in all steps of the food chain, especially as bakeries increasingly rely on ready-made mixes and frozen dough products. Not only do these “thaw and serve” and parbaked trends accommodate rising demand for convenience foods, they can also help to automate the baking process.

To meet your temperature control needs at all storage, mixing and packaging steps, we have developed a wide range of chilling, freezing and inerting technologies. You can also count on our modified atmosphere packaging technologies to simplify packaging and extend shelf life. And once your bakery goods are ready for dispatch, our cryogenic distribution refrigeration solutions offer a number of advantages over conventional mechanical systems.

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