Oxygen-Enhanced Combustion for SAR Plants

Increasing Spent Acid Regeneration (SAR) Throughput in Chemical Plants
The careful injection of oxygen into the combustion process can increase the productivity of SAR plants without increasing NOx emissions
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Comprehensive Portfolio of Oxygen Technologies for SAR Plants

SAR plants enable chemical producers to recover their spent acid and regenerate it to create high-purity sulfuric acid, which can be re-used. SAR regeneration can thus help to reduce emissions from chemical operations.

We have developed a number of oxygen-based technologies that can help SAR plants increase the amount of spent sulfuric acid they can process. Increases of more than 30% have been achieved, depending on factors such as the design of downstream equipment, spent acid volumes, and fuel composition. Improvements in furnace performance, reduction of fuel consumption on a unit basis, and a decrease in nitrogen oxide (NOx) formation can also be achieved. The technologies we deliver to achieve these goals include oxygen for combustion air enrichment, oxygen burners, oxygen lances, and spent acid atomization solutions.

For customers with acid streams that are difficult to break up, low-cost lancing and aeration technology installed in the acid furnace can help boost the SAR production capacity. Lancing works by using oxygen pressure to break up the acid stream.

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