Gases and Tailored Services for Wafer Fabs

Supporting Semiconductor Companies Worldwide

Enabling the Digitalization Trend

The semiconductor industry is one of the most dynamic, sophisticated and competitive markets worldwide. As it continues to grow - driven largely by the ever-escalating digitalization trend, so too does demand for the ultra-pure gases and chemicals needed to fabricate microelectronic devices. Fab operators need a reliable and responsive supplier with global reach and advanced technical capabilities to help ensure the highest quality, manage costs, and reduce environmental impact, while supporting innovation for the future.

Building on our global footprint, we supply ultra-pure gases and chemicals, specialty equipment and tailored services to wafer fabs all around the world.

Leading in On-Site Plants

Having pioneered commercial gas purification and liquefaction, we have been a leading global player ever since. Our SPECTRA® N series of nitrogen generators are designed to scale with customer requirements, delivering exceptionally high levels of operational efficiency. We offer both steam methane reforming (SMR) and electrolysis plants for the on-site production of hydrogen - all designed to meet our customers' purity and volume requirements. Our GENERATION F® fluorine technology delivers cost-effective chamber solutions, which speed up production and reduce environmental impact by replacing gases with high global warming potential.

Reliable Supplier of Ultra-High-Purity Bulk Gases

Our comprehensive network of bulk gas production plants ensures reliable supply of ultra-high-purity nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), argon (Ar), hydrogen (H2), helium (He) and carbon dioxide (CO2) - in the volumes you require. Our offer extends to your site with bulk gas storage, purification and dispense solutions.

Your Trusted Source for Specialty Gas Technology and Supply Chain Security

Technology supplier of choice among many semiconductor manufacturers, our innovative technologies and solutions are backed by a global supply chain to help you achieve smarter, lower-cost, and more sustainable semiconductor manufacturing operations.

We are where you are. Our global network of electronics specialty gas plants means we are close to our customers and to other prime material suppliers. We offer you the expertise of our own production along with the ability to further source globally and comprehensively. We supply in all package sizes to create the optimal logistics and supply solution for your needs.

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Contributing to Productivity in Lithography

We are the recognized leader for the manufacture of deep ultraviolet (DUV) excimer gas mixtures. Our SPECTRA® lithography gases have been enabling semiconductor patterning for over 20 years. We combine a prime position in rare gases and halogens with proprietary expertise in blending, analysis and cylinder treatment to help you achieve the highest level of stability and uptime for your lithography equipment.

Driving Miniaturization

Our production and purification technology extends beyond the molecular level to achieve isotopically pure specialty gases for a number of leading-edge applications. 11BF3 and other 11B compounds allow devices to be designed in such a way as to avoid the disabling effects from thermal neutron capture. Similarly, deuterium (D2) and deuterium-substituted gases are used to make devices robust against hot electron damage. As Moore's Law drives device dimensions below 10 nm, our isotopically enriched solutions will help create successful designs at the smallest achievable scales.

Ultra-pure Wet Chemicals

AUECC, a Linde joint venture, specializes in the manufacture and distribution of ultra-pure wet chemicals for the global microelectronics industry.

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