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Our PRESUS® gas pressure boosting solutions for Nand CO2 are a cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative to conventional compressors for countless applications from injection molding to cryogenic cleaning
Success Under Pressure with PRESUS

Many industrial applications rely on a steady supply of high-pressure carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2). Typical examples include plastic foaming, gas (assisted) injection molding, hot-spot cooling of injection molds, laser-beam cutting, cryogenic cleaning and cooling during thermal spraying.

We developed our PRESUS® family of pressure boosting devices to deliver CO2,  N2 or even argon (Ar) to these and similar applications. These modern, cost-effective and energy-efficient units are delivered as part of an all-inclusive solution spanning the gas bulk tank, the PRESUS high-pressure boosting pump, high pressure vaporizer, a high-pressure pipeline as well as a high-pressure temperature control solution to keep the gas well within the defined limits at the point of use.

The PRESUS® C unit is suited to applications that run on CO2 whereas PRESUS® N is tailored to use cases that require N2 or Ar. Both are available with  models to suit individual pressure, volume, mass flow and footprint requirements. Click below for more details.

Gas Pressure Booster Family

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