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Accentuating the Transformative Power of AM with Tailored Gases and Mixes

Leading Gas Research and Development Across the AM Value Chain

Industrial and specialty gases are used in every step of the additive manufacturing (AM) value chain - from metal powder production and handling through the various 3D printing techniques to post-production processes like cleaning. In the sealed 3D printing chamber, the gas atmosphere plays a key role in both process efficiency and the quality of the printed part. In some cases, it can even pave the way for the creation of new materials with unique mechanical and behavioral properties.

Positioned at the forefront of research into the properties and potential of different gas atmospheres for different AM processes, we work closely with our customers to advance knowledge in this area. Because we understand that atmospheric needs vary from one AM process to another, we deliver gas solutions tailored to individual needs.

Safe, Reliable Supply of Gases for Different Process Needs

Methods such as powder bed fusion with laser beam (PBF-LB), directed energy deposition with arc as the energy source (DED-arc), and binder jetting rely mainly on inert gases such as nitrogen (N2), argon (Ar) and helium (He). The inert properties of these gases help create the controlled, low-impurity environment needed in the print or build chamber. In the case of PBF-LB, they can also reduce material projections and fumes generated through the intense heating of the powder particles by the laser beam, thus contributing to precise and energy-efficient function. Other technological variants like DED-arc rely on process gases which can be metallurgically reactive and are often based on a tailored gas mix.

In addition to high-purity single gases, we have developed dedicated blends for specific AM challenges. These include ADDvance® Laser230 to help manufacturers get the most out of the advanced PBF-LB process, and ADDvance® Sinter250 to improve strength and integrity in binder jetting.

We deliver all of these gases and mixes in a variety of supply modes - scaling from cylinders through bulk deliveries to ECOVAR® on-site supply solutions. This freedom of choice means you can select the best match for your individual volume needs.For ease of management, our gas management solutions bring you fully automated tracking and monitoring capabilities, coupled with the assurance that you will never run out of gas in the middle of production.

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