Industrial Gas Supply & Technology for the Glass Industry

Meeting Today’s Challenges in Glass-Making
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Best in Glass - For More Efficient Production Processes
The art of making glass is over 5,000 years old. At Linde, we have made great strides to improve this ancient craft in a way that helps the glass industry meet today’s goals of energy conservation, decarbonization, productivity, quality and emission abatement. With our full range of industrial gases, technologies and equipment, we can help improve glass quality and help you save money by burning less fuel more efficiently.  In the 1990s, Linde pioneered the successful conversion of the first large container glass furnace from air-fuel to oxy-fuel melting.    Oxy-fuel melting drastically reduces NOx emissions to help you meet strict regulatory requirements.  More recently, Linde has developed and demonstrated the OPTIMELT™ Thermochemical Regenerator (TCR) technology that can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30% versus air-fuel furnaces.
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Expertise to Help You Meet Your Cost and Energy Efficiency Goals

Linde has been supporting customers in the glass industry for over 80 years.  Innovation is one of our core-values: we listen to our customers’ challenges and work with our Glass experts to find a solution.  We have the knowledge, skills and training to recommend the right gases, supply systems and technologies to reach your competitive goals. Our highly skilled team works hard to continuously develop and evaluate new technologies, so you stay at the cutting edge of the latest developments in glass melting. Our industrial gases and equipment offerings are also available to help lubricate glass moulds, polish and finish your glass products. Explore these options from an industry leader and obtain the perfect results. 

Advantages of Oxy-Fuel Melting for Glass Production

The use of Dilute Oxygen Combustion (DOC) technology is an excellent way to lower the emissions normally produced by glass furnaces. You can reduce your nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate emissions for a more environmentally friendly workplace. Converting a traditional air-fired furnace allows you to cut back on these emissions by as much as 90% in some cases.

End-to-end Portfolio for Gas Furnaces

We supply gases and application technologies for all oxy-fuel melting furnaces. With years of experience, a wide network of industrial gases and supply systems, and a full range of burners, we will recommend the options best suited to your specific furnace. We offer a diverse set of oxygen-based solutions to increase pull rate, extend furnace campaign, reduce NOx emissions of air-fuel furnaces of all types – sideport, endport and recuperative.  We also supply the inert gases needed for float furnaces producing soda lime glass – with supply solutions designed to meet the specific and more exacting requirements of this high-quality segment.

So what's next?

Reach out to our expert team to explore ways of increasing efficiency and lowering emissions in glass-making with gas-enabled innovations from Linde
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