Industrial Gas Solutions for Low-carbon Fuels

Speeding up the Transition to a Low-carbon Economy

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The Drive to Reduce CO2 Emissions is Changing Today’s Energy Mix

Hydrogen is playing an increasingly important role in the energy mix as it is an ideal way to store energy generated from renewable and primary sources. And when generated from regenerative sources, it creates a zero-emissions energy cycle. We cover the entire hydrogen value chain - from generation and liquefaction through transportation and storage solutions right up to the fueling of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Looking towards natural gas as a low-carbon energy carrier, we extend the reach of this valuable resource by delivering innovative processes along the entire liquefaction chain - from the source to the point of use.

Use of renewables such as solar, wind and biomass continues to expand. Here again, we provide a range of infrastructure and process innovations to capture renewable energies more effectively.

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