Cooling Power of Cryogenic Gases

Chilling and Cooling Dairy Produce Rapidly Yet Gently for Improved Handling
Control processing and packaging temperatures of dairy products at your plant for improved food safety and quality - with our ACCU-CHILL® and CRYOLINE® product lines
Improved Handling with Cryogenic Gases

Dairy products must be handled very carefully to inhibit microbial growth and rancidity. Rapid, effective chilling is especially important for products with high water activity such as cream and soft cheeses as they are prone to fermentation and rancidity.

Our ACCU-CHILL and CRYOLINE cryogenic chilling solutions use liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) or liquid nitrogen (LIN) gas to quickly lower the temperature of sensitive milk-based products. This reduces food safety risks and improves handling. Our chilling solutions are especially suited to hardening ice cream, firming dairy products containing cream, stabilizing desserts, rapidly cooling grated and other cheeses, portioning IQF (individually quick frozen) cheese cubes, and more. Cryogenic chilling can also help you improve productivity when handling dairy produce.

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Discover how chilling with cryogenic gases can improve handling and food safety when processing dairy products
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