Instrumentation and Calibration Gases for Laboratories

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As a leading supplier of specialty gases and specialty equipment, we can help make your laboratory more efficient by delivering precisely what you need, when and where you need it.

We do this by combining high-purity specialty gases and gas mixtures from our HIQ® range with precision-engineered gas supply equipment and expert, efficiency-aware services. We can even advise you on the latest analytical breakthroughs. It goes without saying that all of our pure gases and gas mixtures are certified to the highest standards of purity and quality.

Regardless of your focus, you can turn to us for customized solutions to meet your individual analysis and instrumentation challenges.
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Why are Purity and Accuracy so Important?

Research, testing and measurement laboratories are essential in countless industries, including automotive, power, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, space exploration and forensic testing. In fact, just about everything we eat, drink, use and explore has been analyzed at some point in its lifecycle. Many of these testing policies and methods are also evolving rapidly to comply with new regulatory requirements or respond to new needs from industry.

Emissions legislation, for instance, is continuously tightening its requirements by both lowering permissible emission levels and by introducing new pollutants to be controlled. This - in turn - calls for much stricter measurement and analysis processes. The energy transition also calls for more advanced analytical capabilities so that new fuels that have been introduced or are in the pipeline can be tested for compliance with the specifications defined in the relevant standards. Furthermore, R&D activities in many sectors count on the reliability and accuracy of the analytical methods in use - instrumentation and calibration gases play an essential role in these methods.

Regardless of what they are analyzing or testing, all laboratories have one thing in common. They are aiming for precision and often rely on high-purity process and calibration gas mixtures to achieve this. This is especially true as instrumentation and analysis needs become more sophisticated.

Whether you run a dedicated in-house, contract or commercial lab, you are probably under growing pressure not only to stay abreast of the latest analytical methods, but also to manage costs through efficiency gains. The challenge lies in maximizing return on costly capital investments while aiming for the highest levels of precision and accuracy in all measurement and calibration workflows. In other words, you need to get it right first time - every time.


Instruments run and calibrated with specialty gas mixtures are used to:

  • monitor air, water and ground pollution
  • test engine exhausts
  • control processes
  • analyze chemical compositions
  • analyze clinical samples
  • and many more
Traceability in Focus

Many industries require traceability so customers will know they can rely on the performance of the instruments and materials supplied. With environmental emission monitoring or emission trading, authorities demand traceability to help ensure that public health requirements are met.

Traceability is the relationship between a measured value and an established element of a national/international measurement system. 

For traceability to exist, there must be an unbroken chain of  calibrations or comparisons  linking  the sample to relevant primary standards of the SI units of measurements. The measurement system by which values are transferred must be clearly understood and under control. Accreditation plays a key role here and is an important aspect in the production of specialty gases.

Many of our HiQ® specialty gas facilities have received certification as a producer under ISO 9001, with selected facilities independently accredited to programs such as ISO 17025 as a testing and/or calibrating laboratory and to ISO 17034 as a reference material producer.

This provides the highest level of quality assurance and allows us to confidently state that the methods used to certify our accredited calibration gas mixtures are accurate, consistent, documented and validated.

Why HiQ?

With dedicated production facilities, accredited analytical laboratories, state-of-the-art logistics and selection procedures as well as purpose-designed and custom-engineered gas supply systems, we have the infrastructure to put the ‘special’ into specialty gases. Behind all this is the combined global expertise and knowledge base of our dedicated HiQ® team - experts in the field. We use software tools and networked information to help customers make informed choices quickly and unfailingly.

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