Industrial Gases and Technologies for Thermal Spraying

Using Gases to Increase Quality and Efficiency in Thermal Spraying

Get the Surface Finish and Material Properties You Want - with LINSPRAY

Thermal spraying is a cost-effective and practical way for you to improve the wear and corrosion resistance as well as the heat properties of a component. You can also increase or decrease friction or change the electrical properties of the component surface. In addition, sprayed coatings can be used to repair damaged surfaces or restore the dimensions of parts with manufacturing defects for seamless post-processing.

Here at Linde, our application expertise spans all heat sources (flame, arc, plasma or kinetic energy in the case of lower-temperature "cold" spraying techniques), fillers and materials. In addition, our LINSPRAY® offering covers the full process spectrum from high- and lower-temperature spraying methods all the way to carbon dioxide (CO2) cooling solutions for temperature-sensitive materials. We also work closely with hardware and consumable manufacturers to stay at the cutting edge of developments in industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace and nuclear.

Our process expertise spans the latest spraying technologies:

  • Flame spraying with wire or rod
  • Flame spraying with powder
  • Flame spraying with plastics
  • High-velocity oxyfuel spraying (HVOF)
  • Laser spraying/cladding
  • Cold spraying
  • Plasma spraying
  • Arc spraying
  • CO2 cooling

LINSPRAY brings you customized gas mixtures and supply concepts, the necessary equipment and supply systems to help you ensure the safe installation and handling of our gases and mixtures - at all times.

In addition, we have an extensive network of engineers who are able to provide guidance on the best solution to meet your productivity, quality and cost requirements. This service includes training on safety or thermal spraying applications.

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