Supply Modes: Drum Tanks

Drumming Up a Good Deal
Catering to intermediate volume requirements with drum tanks that typically provide between 400 kg and 1500 kg of product contents
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Somewhere Between Cylinder and Bulk?

Also known as ton tanks, drum tanks come in different sizes and with varying capacities depending on the exact drum specification and product density.

Drum tanks are a popular supply solution for a wide range of low- to medium-pressure packaged gases. Most common products are packaged chemicals (e.g. ammonia, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, ethylene oxide, hydrocarbons) and refrigerants (e.g. R134yf, R404A).

Drum tanks are ideal if you tend to require a higher volume than can be easily managed with cylinders but do not need enough gas to warrant delivery in bulk/ISO tanks. The advantages of drum tanks include reduced handling, changeover and site transport effort relative to cylinders. They also take up less space.

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