CIRRUS Low-temperature Cryocondensation

Lowering VOC Emissions in Pharma for Better Air Quality and Cost Savings
Our CIRRUS® liquid nitrogen cooling solutions can condense VOC vapors at very low temperatures for effective removal and recovery
Flexible, Compact and Reliable Cryogenic Technology for VOC Abatement

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly challenged to monitor emissions so that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released during the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are not unwittingly released into the atmosphere.

Given the health and environmental hazards of VOCs, their release is regulated by progressively stricter laws. Manufacturers are also keen to control evaporation losses to avoid valuable products literally vanishing into thin air.

We have developed a suite of CIRRUS vapor emission control (VEC) systems to meet these challenges. These waste gas treatment solutions are modular, flexible, compact and efficient. CIRRUS systems utilize the cooling utility of liquid nitrogen to efficiently cool vapor streams to very low temperatures so vapors condense and can be captured for potential reuse.

Cost Savings Through Solvent Re-use

Low-temperature condensation is a safe option to capture VOC vapors since the vapor stream is mixed with nitrogen, which displaces oxygen and thus avoids potentially flammable mixtures sometimes seen with carbon adsorption systems and thermal oxidizers. Also, the flow rate with CIRRUS is considerably lower than with air-based VOC control systems. The liquid nitrogen used to cool the CIRRUS VEC system has no direct contact with the VOCs and can be used downstream for inerting, purging and other nitrogen requirements.

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