Industrial Service Solutions with Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen

Gases and Services for Refineries

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Meeting your Plant and Pipeline Service Needs

Tailored specifically to the needs of refineries, our turnkey industrial service portfolio gives you a quick, cost-effective way to safely and accurately meet your plant and pipeline service needs. We cover the full service spectrum from testing, pigging and drying of existing and new pipelines - including those in challenging, off-road locations - to turnkey management of plant turnarounds and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) work.

We provide solutions tailored to your unique operational and environmental requirements. For every job, our team brings a consultative approach with a wealth of experience, focusing on safe and efficient project execution.

Gas Supplies Tailored to Your Needs

At Linde, we understand that refineries have very specific and exacting requirements when it comes to industrial gases. Pressure, temperature, purity and volume requirements can vary significantly across a range of highly specialized applications. We deliver the gases nitrogen, oxygen, argon, methane, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in a variety of supply modes, flow rates, pressures and temperatures.

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