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Broad Selection of Packaged Gaseous Chemicals

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Wide Selection of Packaged Gaseous Chemicals Backed by Robust Health and Safety Management Services

We produce and deliver an extensive array of packaged gaseous chemicals to public and private sector customers across 60+ countries spanning many of our core geographies. Typical target industries include food processing and refrigeration, water treatment, pulp and paper, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, refining, metallurgy, glass, materials science, plastic foams, aerosol propellants, fire suppressants and utilities.

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Adding Value Through Expertise

Our portfolio of packaged gaseous chemicals includes ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine, ethylene, ethylene oxide, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, sulfur hexafluoride and many more. Refer to your local Linde representative to see which specific products are available in your region.

You can also visit our electronics specialty gases page for more details on the high-purity chemicals we supply for electronics and semiconductor applications.

We are committed to delivering the gaseous chemicals you need, when you need them. To extend our reach, we have numerous chemical production and packaging facilities throughout the world - complemented by extensive bulk storage, bulk breaking and blending capabilities. In addition, our established network of raw material manufacturers further contributes to security of supply.

To offer you the right fit for your volume requirements, our delivery packages scale from 1-kilo cylinders and larger drum tanks to ISO containers and trailers containing several tons.

Our experts would be happy to work with you to help you establish the gas supply system best aligned with your needs. Services range from analysis of your current supply situation and a review of the services you require to hand-over of turnkey gas supply systems.

We have strict policies in place governing product stewardship and responsible management of health, safety and environmental requirements. We are equally committed to helping our customers comply with safety, quality and legislative demands. To help you put the systems and measures in place to safely handle and use toxic, flammable and other potentially hazardous chemicals, we offer a number of occupational health and safety services. We also provide detailed information resources and safety data sheets focused on chemical substances and mixtures, material compatibility, physical properties and similar.

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