Rapid Freezing Power of Cryogenic Gases

Freezing Fruit and Vegetables
Our CRYOLINE® freezers rapidly lower the temperature of delicate fruit and vegetables so they retain their texture, shape and flavor after defrosting
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Extending the Market Reach of Fruit & Veg

Our CRYOLINE cryogenic freezers are ideal for freshly harvested fruit and vegetables. If you are harvesting or processing sensitive foodstuffs such as raspberries or strawberries, our individually quick frozen (IQF) freezing systems gently tumble individual food pieces to maximize cryogen exposure for a thorough and rapid freeze. In fact, compared with other freezing techniques, liquid nitrogen coupled with our IQF technology has been shown to reduce cell damage to berries, for instance.

You can deploy CRYOLINE freezers as standalone solutions or combine them with existing freezers for rapid scale-up without massive capital outlay. Ranging from ultra-performance tunnels to compact spirals, there is a CRYOLINE model for just about every freezing challenge. Enhanced productivity means you can meet consumer demands for longer shelf life and year-round availability. And advanced sanitation features accelerate and simplify cleaning.

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