Gases and Application Technologies for Sensitive Dairy Products

Put a Chill on Spoilage - and Keep Your Dairy Produce Fresh

The Right Strategy for Different Dairy Products

Dairy products have unique processing and handling challenges. They are particularly prone to microbial growth and rancidity and - depending on the item in question - can deteriorate quickly. Typical issues include mold on hard cheeses, fermentation and rancidity in soft cheeses, and general souring as a result of the metabolism of lactic acid bacteria such as lactobacillus. Although lactobacillus is widely used for fermentation, without precise pH control it can lower the pH value of milk-based products below the ideal range. These effects may be further intensified by incorrect packaging atmospheres containing excessive levels of carbon dioxide (e.g. cottage cheese packages).

We offer a range of freezing and chilling technologies that can be tailored specifically to different dairy products so you can combat microbial growth and rancidity through precise control over processing and packaging temperatures at your plant, and over distribution temperatures once you have shipped your produce. The gentle handling and rapid processing capabilities of our CRYOLINE® freezers, for instance, are particularly suited to sensitive dairy products as they remove heat quickly, enabling you to meet both food safety standards and consumer quality expectations. Modified atmospheres with the right amount of carbon dioxide can stop or reduce microbial activity and help to retain the texture of packaged cheeses. We offer tailored gas mixtures for everything from hard and soft cheeses to yogurts, cottage cheese and cream.

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