On-Site Generation of Nitrogen for Electronics

Cost-effective, Reliable On-site Choices for Ultra-pure Nitrogen
Our series of SPECTRA® N on-site nitrogen generators is the most cost-effective and reliable means of delivering ultra-pure nitrogen - available from Linde today
Patented Technology for Your Flexility

Our series of SPECTRA N on-site nitrogen generators bundle the benefits of patented technology, integrated engineering design and highly flexible operations.

Integrated packaged design minimizes both space and installation requirements while accelerating assembly and facilitating connection to power and water services. Regardless of your volume needs, the SPECTRA family has the answer, scaling capacity from 7,000 to 70,000 Nm3 per hour.

Benefits of SPECTRA N:
  • Ultra-pure gaseous and liquid nitrogen with less than 1 part per billion (ppb) impurities without the need for an external purifier
  • Cost-effective solution with much lower power consumption than conventional nitrogen generators
  • Excellent turn-down capabilities to meet facility ramp-up requirements
  • Continuous remote operation with uptime exceeding 99.8% under normal operating conditions
  • Ultra-pure liquid oxygen (LOX) with less than 10 ppb impurities without the need for an external purifier
Diagram showing the performance of SPECTRA® N versus other methods of nitrogen supply

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