Rapid Freezing Power of Cryogenic Gases

Freezing Prepared and Catered Foods with CRYOLINE
Our vast CRYOLINE® family of rapid-action freezing systems are a flexible, hygienic way to prepare complex, multi-ingredient convenience foods and catered dishes
Optimizing the Preparation and Preservation of Convenience Foods

With multi-component prepared and convenience foods, each ingredient can have its own temperature protocol. Drawing on our vast expertise and long-standing relationships with customers in the food industry, we can help you establish how your multi-ingredient product will function when frozen and optimize the preparation of convenience and catered foods with cryogenic freezing technologies.

Generally speaking, cryogenically frozen prepared foods have a more desirable appearance and better moisture retention. Our CRYOLINE freezers help you maintain quality and reduce the risk of contamination when handling sensitive foodstuffs such as ready-made meals, pizzas, battered and fried products, coated products and sauces. In addition, our quick-freeze technology gives you more production flexibility. IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) ingredients can be combined together in the final packaging or produced and packaged separately for individual distribution to the final consumer.

Our CRYOLINE family gives you a wide range of models to support just about all processing, throughput and footprint requirements. Our freezers use either liquid nitrogen (LIN) or liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) gas as the cryogen. CRYOLINE freezers are also successfully deployed to lower temperatures for downstream processing, enabling you, for example, to add protective coatings and glazes.

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