CO2 Supply Solutions for GAIM

PLASTINUM Gas-Assisted Injection Molding with CO2
Replacing nitrogen with carbon dioxide to take the efficiency gains of GAIM up a notch - delivered with tailored carbon dioxide supply solutions, plus pressure and control modules from Linde
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Accelerating Cycle Times - by up to 40%!

Our patented PLASTINUM® Gas-Assisted Injection Molding (GAIM) with CO2 solution takes efficiency to the next level by replacing gaseous nitrogen (N2) with liquid carbon dioxide (CO2). While matching the heat removal capacity and cycle times of water injection molding, carbon dioxide does not leave any moisture on the products or tools, thus eliminating an additional drying step required with fluid injection cycles. CO2 has a much greater cooling capacity than nitrogen due to its much higher density, higher specific heat capacity and high expansion cooling capacity during depressurization at the end of the cycle. This allows the part to cool down much more quickly.

End-to-End Offering

Gas-assisted injection molding - also known as gas injection molding (GIM) - installations that use CO2 not only require a suitable carbon dioxide supply system, they also need pressure and control modules and gas injectors that are optimized for CO2. To give you a one-stop answer tailored to your specific process flow, we teamed up with OEM Maximator to develop PLASTINUM GAIM CO2 pressure and control units and gas injectors to complement our gas supply offerings.


  • Complete supply solution with pressure and control modules and tailored injectors
  • Enhanced cooling power
  • Cycle times accelerated by up to 40%
  • Elimination of water handling issues associated with water injection molding

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