Serving the Market for Convenience and Prepared Foods

Gas-Enabled Innovations Along the Value Chain for Freshness & Taste

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Keeping Prepared and Convenience Foods Tastier and Fresher, Longer

From appetizers to desserts, prepared and convenience foods are as varied as their temperature control requirements. Let our experts work with you so your consumers can look forward to ready-made meals, precooked meats, pizzas and sandwiches that look and taste great. Whether you are looking to optimize chilling and freezing or preserve quality with the right packaging, we can help.

Our field and in-house experts understand that each ingredient in a prepared dish has its own properties and deteriorates differently. We will advise on the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) gas mixture best equipped to inhibit deterioration and maintain the overall quality of your product.

You can also rely on our engineers to provide the best cryogenic chilling and freezing solution for your needs. Our quick-freeze technology can help you maintain quality and reduce the risk of contamination when handling sensitive foodstuffs such as ready-made meals, pizzas, battered and fried products, coated products and sauces.

Once you have finished preparing your convenience dishes, you can also rely on us for cryogenic distribution refrigeration solutions that offer a number of advantages over conventional mechanical systems. These eco-friendly systems reduce your carbon footprint and noise levels, with the added bonus of cost efficiencies and ease of service.

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